Using iPads in the Classroom

  • As a computer

Whole group

  • §Research/webquest – Ms. Henderson

Small Group/Stations

  • § – Rushing
  • § – Vowell
  • §Chomp Chomp
  • §Quizlet

Using camera, video ….

  • APPS


vHaiku deck


vWord Mover

vMad Libs

MCT2 Resources

Review game

PowerPoint game template


Add it up review partners

Guess who linear function

Foldable exponent


Language arts

Printed resources
Professional library


Parts of speech

Quotation marks

Semi colon

Concept maps vocabulary etc....

Character / descriptive

Vivid verbs

Robert Frost poems

Plot structure / literary elements

Fairy tale autobiography

Poetry science

Fishbone cause effect / main idea /details

Literary devices

Online resources

Flip a chip prefix suffix

Trading Cards

Each category has specific guiding questions for creating a dynamic, information-rich trading card. Summarizing skills are critical as they drill down to the most important information to fit on the card. In addition, they become aware of writing for an audience because they can share their cards with others.

Part of the appeal of trading cards is being able to sort them into collections. Have kids and teens build a collection of cards for characters from their favorite book, landmarks in their favorite city, events from a period in history they find interesting, or vocabulary words by school subject.

Letter writing / authors purpose

Diamanté poems cause and effect

Plot story structure

Prepositions poetry

Bio cubes

Parent resources

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